Our joint impact

The time has come. Finally our WILDPLASTIC Impact Page is online.

In this blog article we want to give you some more information and background. WHY THE EFFORT? Together with you we want to free the world from wild plastic waste. In order to keep an (…)

How much WILDPLASTIC is in the WILDBAGS? 

Why we not longer communicate 100% WILDPLASTIC.

You might have noticed: for a short time now, we have no longer been talking about 100% WILDPLASTIC and 0% virgin plastic. In this blog article we want to give you a bit more information (…)

So how much CO2 are we saving? 

60%, 70% CO2 savings or more emissions after all. How do our different values come about? An explanation.

On our website, in presentations or in response to inquiries, you will find a wide variety of figures on the CO2e emissions of our products and our granulate. The question that naturally arises now is: (…)

The journey of WILDPLASTIC

From collecting the wild plastic to disposing of your WILDBAG.

Every gram of wild plastic once started as virgin plastic. The journey begins with the extraction of crude oil or natural gas, e.g. in the USA, Saudi Arabia or Russia. These are then processed into (…)

Where is the WILDBAG?

After many delays, the production of the WILDBAGs is now really starting!

Status: mid-August (The WILDBAGs are now produced, shipped and in use). In the last few months, our partners and we – like so many in this world – have had to endure some setbacks. While (…)

Ist die WILDBAG klimafreundlich?

Der CO2-Ausstoß der WILDBAG.

Juli 2020 Wir Menschen zerstören unsere Umwelt auf viele unterschiedliche Weisen. Zwei der schlimmsten Arten sind die massive Verschmutzung der Natur und die Klimakatastrophe. Wir als WILDPLASTIC haben uns vor allem dem Aufräumen verschrieben aber (…)

Plastic in the Environment- what’s the Problem?

Plastic is not just a waste problem.

Plastic pollutes our environment and is one of the biggest problems for our ecosystem. Everybody knows that. And because of that most people think that plastic waste is mainly a waste problem and has nothing (…)

With (WILD) PLASTIC against plastic

Virgin plastic will be avoided with these alternatives.

Of course, you want to save the world. We want that too. We are wild about liberating the world from plastic waste. How? By taking existing wild plastic from the environment, putting them back into the cycle (…)

This is how you separate waste correctly.

Yellow bin, organic waste bin, general refuse. What belongs to which bin?

Let us be real, how many people in Germany really know what should be thrown into the yellow bin or what should NOT be thrown into the yellow bin? Sadly, fifty percent of our waste lands in (…)

We are Wild about Purpose

WILDPLASTIC IS A steward-owned company.  WHY?

We are WILD about cleaning up the world. We are WILD about doing things differently. And so is our corporate structure. Many entrepreneurs face the dilemma of wanting to do cool things and at the (…)