What is Wildplastic?

We collect plastic from the environment, beaches, landfills and illegal dumpsites. And prevent more plastic from polluting our planet. We work with collectors around the world to put these recyclables back into the production cycle. We create fairly paid jobs and push for social and ecological change.


Our WILDPLASTIC products clean up the planet and reduce the damage to our ecosystems. WILDPLASTIC emits less greenhouse gases and needs fewer resources than alternatives like paper and products made from virgin plastic.

You import plastic from abroad. That can't be environmentally friendly.

Yes, it can. Transport only takes up a small part of the CO2 footprint and is more than compensated for by processing steps that we save. Moreover, crude oil, organic material or paper does not come from grandma’s front yard either, but is often brought in from distant parts of the world.

And why do you import plastic anyway? There's enough lying around.

Even if you see plastic in nature sometimes or and fish it from rivers, we do not have a plastic problem in Germany (or Europe ). We have a functioning waste system, which enables us to dispose of and recycle plastic properly. In other countries it doesn’t look like this yet. And we would like to help these countries to clean up. By taking the plastic from the local collection organisations and giving it back its value.

Which organisations do you work with? How do you ensure that the collectors have adequate working conditions?

We work with various collection organisations. At the moment, these are Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change and Empower. The payment of the collectors varies from location to location and from organisation to organisation. What we can say for sure: all our partners pay more, more punctually and allow a much more stable income than if the collectors were not working with these organisations. They also offer educational opportunities and chances for advancement. The working conditions for the collectors are also much better than without the organisations.

What about the carbon footprint of the WILDBAG?

Since WILDPLASTIC has already been produced, we save ourselves some emission-intensive processing steps, such as resource extraction, refining, etc. The emissions of the steps we have to do additionally, e.g. transport, washing and processing of the wild plastic, are significantly lower. So we save up to 60% CO2.


Wildplastic products are made from a single polymer material and can be brought back into the recycling process. Please make sure you return it into your yellow bin / or recycling bag. Or use this Wildbag as a perfect place for collecting more recyclable plastics. Use products as many times as possible before throwing them away.

And whenever you can: Reduce waste and plastic use. THANK YOU.

Are your really a responsible / sustainable company?

We have a clear mission: To rid the planet of plastic waste. To fulfill this mission, we have founded a steward-owned company. This means that all our actions are geared towards this mission and we can neither sell nor bequeath the company. The Purpose Foundation ensures this by holding 1% of the voting rights in the company and thus a veto right. More information at: purpose-economy.org