What is Wildplastic?

WILDPLASTIC is plastic that is currently outside of the recycling systems. It is collected from nature, e.g. from our oceans, from the beaches of Bali, from the roadside of Port-Au-Prince or from open landfills in India. But it also includes plastic waste that has been collected in countries without a functioning recycling system before it is released into the environment.

Why is your bag better for the environment than others?

Because our Wildbag helps to clean up the planet and thus reduces incredible damage to ecosystems and animals. In addition, the production of our bags also emits less greenhouse gases than the production of most alternatives.

How is the carbon footprint?

We save up to 70% of CO2 emissions compared to a similar bags made of virgin plastic. Since WILDPLASTIC has already been produced, we save some emission-intensive processing steps such as the extraction of resources. The emissions of the additional steps we have to do, e.g. transport or washing the wild plastic, are much lower.

Plastic from Haiti? Isn’t that bad for the climate?

It’s not. The transport is a small piece of the carbon footprint. Virgin plastic need processing steps, such as the oil or gas production that emits way more CO2. Moreover, you have to consider that the oil and gas from virgin products is also produced far away from Germany.

Is the WILDBAG recyclable?

Yes it is. And that’s crucial. But how likely it is, depends on how you use it and how the recycling system in your country works. In Germany, it can be recycled, if thrown in the yellow barrel (Wertstofftonne) oder in the yellow bag (Gelber Sack). If you throw it in the bag for residual waste, it is going to be burned.

A trash bag, for real? That thing produces event more trash.

Of course, it would be great not to produce any garbage at all. The thing is, some people do not want or can do that. For those people we produce the WILDBAG. The special thing about it is that it brings plastic waste back in the recycling system.

Is your company sustainable?

We have a distinct mission: Freeing the planet from plastic waste. To complete this mission we founded the company as purpose company. That makes sure that we can’t act against this mission, for example we can’t sell or inherit the company.

Mehr Infos unter: purpose-economy.org

Why don’t you use paper?

WILDPLASTIC is the better material for a waste bag. Papier needs to be thicker to guarantee equal capabilities, but gets soaked anyways. That requires more material and chemicals and thats makes it more harmful for the environment.

Plastic ist crap. Why don’t you use bioplastics?

Bioplastics will be necessary for the food and medicine industry, because the requirements are at a very high standard. But it’s not reasonable for waste bags, because we can use recycled material, for which we don’t have to produce new plastic or use agricultural area on which plants could grow.

Don’t you give consumers the permission to use as much plastic as they want?

No, we don’t. We want to raise awareness that there is way too much plastic waste in the world. What we do is using it to reduce the amount of virgin plastic by making it unnecessary.