Our impact
so far …

11.620 KG

recovered wild plastic

224 working days



6.685 kg

CO2e saved.

Our impact in numbers

IMPACT = Improvement rate x Units sold

Impact is our way of measuring success. We are pleased to be able to visualize our impact together with Planet A. We measure our impact by multiplying the improvement rate by the number of units sold. The improvement rate is the value of the positive impact for each category: Environmental pollution, Improvement of living conditions and Climate protection. We calculate these values for all our products. So not only for the WILDBAG, but also for the OTTO x WILDPLASTIC shipping bag, for example.

For the environment

With each WILDPLASTIC product, you make a conscious decision to clean up the environment piece by piece. Each WILDBAG cleans up an average of 41g of WILDPLASTIC.


11.620 KG
cleaned up

IMPACT forecast 2023

5.135.000 KG
cleaned up


With the amount of plastic we have cleaned up to date, we could wrap the Elbphilharmonie 31x with WILDPLASTIC.

For Better living conditions

The collectors are the real heroes of WILDPLASTIC. Unfortunately, they are still among the poorest and most marginalized people in the world. Together with our partner organizations Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change and Empower, we are helping to improve the living conditions of these heroes. Because they are doing remarkable things. On average, the organizations collect about 55 kg of wild plastic per day. We buy this from them and thus ensure a higher and more stable income, educational opportunities and better health and safety standards. With every WILDBAG you buy, you help to improve the living conditions of our heroes.


Working conditions of  486 collectors improved for one year.

For the climate

To find out how much CO2e we emit, we carry out life cycle assessments for all our products. This is how we know, for example, that the WILDBAG saves up to 60% CO2E compared to a garbage bag with a high content of new plastic. You save an average of 20g CO2e with the purchase of each WILDBAG.


6,7 T CO2E

IMPACT Forecast 2023

12.912 t CO2e

What does that mean?

With the CO2e emissions saved to date, you could fly from Hamburg to Moscow 5 times.

OUR Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals serve as the basis for our actions.