We are Wild about Purpose

WILDPLASTIC IS A steward-owned company.  WHY?

We are WILD about cleaning up the world. We are WILD about doing things differently. And so is our corporate structure. Many entrepreneurs face the dilemma of wanting to do cool things and at the same time having to satisfy their shareholders. This isn’t fun and it is certainly not sustainable. We think business has to work for everyone. We are not wild about maximizing profits, but about healthy and sustainable growth to change the world responsibly. We are WILD about cleaning up the world. Our mission drives us. The path is the goal. We want to give value back to the plastic that lies around on the ground.  We want to return it into the cycle, to make products that enable us all to live more sustainably. Together with you, we want to be part of the solution. 

As a Purpose GmbH we will always be able to protect our mission. The company is not bound to us, the founders, and we can offer our customers and supporters full transparency.

Wild about Purpose.

We’re a wild team. Wild because we work remotely. Wild because we all come from different directions and have different experiences. We have different personalities, we are taking different paths in life but we all have one goal: to clean up the world. That is why we do what we do. It’s our purpose. 

The purpose approach is based on two main principles:

1st  principle: Profit = means to an end, not an end in itself

2nd principle: entrepreneurship = ownership

Profit = Means to an end: this means that we reinvest our future profits. WILDPLASTIC cannot be treated as speculative goods and sold to the highest bidder unlike most new companies.

Entrepreneurship = Ownership: this means that all decisions are made within the company and not by potential investors. The voting rights belong to the people who actually work in the company. For us, the founders, this means that if we leave the company, our voting rights will fall back into the company.  We cannot pull the strings from outside. Voting rights, responsibility and ownership remain with the people that are working in the company.

At the moment, a Purpose GmbH can only be legally defined by a hack in the articles of association. Together with the Purpose Foundation and countless other entrepreneurs, we are fighting for a legal form of our own. 

For us, Purpose is not only the way we want to structure and manage WILDPLASTIC GmbH, it is much more than that: it is a way of life.