Where is the WILDBAG?

After many delays, the production of the WILDBAGs is now really starting!

Status: mid-August (The WILDBAGs are now produced, shipped and in use).

In the last few months, our partners and we – like so many in this world – have had to endure some setbacks.
While it was “only” short-time work or the switch to home office for our production partners, the situation was quite different for our collection partners. In India, there was a far-reaching shutdown, which mainly affected those with low incomes. Our collectors were not able to clean up for a long time and accordingly had no income. To prevent the worst, our partner Plastics for Change set up a rescue package, which we supported financially. What “cost us a few weeks” has threatened the livelihood of many.
It is not our place to put pressure on them to meet a delivery deadline.


In July, the time had come and the container arrived. Unfortunately, the wild plastic granulate was more contaminated than expected and so it presented us with great challenges in production. Through the efforts of Dieter, our production expert, Holger, our innovator, and the producers, we got the problem under control. At the same time, we evaluated with our collection partner how we could increase the material quality.


After all these delays, the master rolls are just being produced. These are long tubes that are wound into a roll and then printed and made up in the next step, i.e. welded on one side.

The finished WILDBAGs are then rolled up into rolls in the appropriate quantity and provided with our label.
This is made of recycled paper with the FSC recycling certificate. In order to make the label as environmentally friendly as possible, we had to make a few loops.
But now it is done. We use recycled paper that is as untreated as possible in order to meet our demands for a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The same applies to the boxes, of course, which are specially designed so that they can not only stand out in retail stores. But also that we can simply send them to you without any further packaging. Yay!


TAll these delays with the producers coupled with the Corona pandemic meant that we couldn’t keep to our schedule. We are sorry for that. Nevertheless, as things stand, the WILDBAGs will be ready next week and the sleeves and boxes will be produced the week after next. After that everything will be packed and shipped.

Of course, we know that we are significantly behind schedule. With this blogpost we want to give you an insight into why there is this delay and hope that you will understand.

Now we are looking forward with you to the exciting next days and can hardly wait to hold the first WILDBAG rolls in our hands.