The Wildplastic Manifest

Wildplastic von Deponien & Straßen

Getting Dirty for a Clean Planet.

Plastic waste is one of the greatest challenges of our time. And grows every day. The good thing: Everyone can help to make it smaller. Every kilogram of collected Wildplastic has a direct impact: it removes several cubic metres of plastic waste from the environment and brings it back into the recycling loop.

Your Money is Doing Good.

IT MAY SOUND LIKE A WILD PLAN TO RID THE WORLD OF PLASTIC WASTE. But wild is our thing. So let’s assume that we manage to recycle the 5 billion tons of plastic waste from the environment back into the production cycle: We would save tons of CO2, we would be less dependent on fossil resources, and we would leave a better planet for future generations. Amazing, right?. So, let’s get started and clean up the world together.